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Event Name: Jing’an Christkindlmarkt
Date(s) of the event: 30 Nov , 1-16 Dec (Every weekend) , 7-14 Dec (Every weekday)
Start date 
 Never  Daily  Weekly  Monthly
This is a one-day event
Event Start Time: 4
Event End Time: 9pm (30 Nov), midday
Event Admission: 50RMB, including 1 mulled wine/punch (Sat-Sun); free (Mon-Fri); free (Kids below 12 years with parents)
Related Venue: Tonglefang

Related Venue Detail

Venue Name: Tonglefang
English address: Tonglefang No. 537 Haifang Road Jingan district
Chinese address: 海防路537号近西康路
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