Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake

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Photograph: courtesy 247tickets
Yet another rendition that strays far from tradition, Matthew Bourne’s take on Swan Lake is bold and exciting – he replaced the originally all-female corps-de-ballet with an all-male ensemble, shattering gender norms and conventions, injecting a burst of energy and intensity and providing a very contemporary take on a classic tale. In fact, this version of Swan Lake has been so well-received that it’s collectively won over 30 international theatre awards, including an Olivier in the UK and three Tonys on Broadway. Though iconic elements like the score from the original production are retained, the set, costumes and lights are completely reworked to match the energy of the show and its choreography. For those looking for an exhilarating and slightly comedic take on the classic story, this one’s for you.

Showing 15-22 Aug.
Event admission: From 200RMB
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Event telephone: 5461 9961