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Delve into the world of Detective Conan at this Shanghai exhibit

Solve crimes, play VR games and immerse yourself in Japanese culture

Photographs: Min Xuan Ng
The chance has come for fans of Detective Conan to experience living in the scenes of the series. Detective Conan is a popular animated Japanese mystery series for all ages, and it's having an exhibit at Westlink Square from now until Sunday 20. Amply decorated, the exhibit features more than 11 significant places in Detective Conan, such as Beika Street, Cafe Piero (that serves real drinks), Mori's detective agency, Kiyomizu Temple from Kyoto and many more. For fans who have always wanted a selfie with the characters, there are life-sized cardboard cut-outs of Professor Agasa, Black Organisation's Gin and Vodka, Conan's classmates and Kaito Kid.

dc 3

The attractions require a game ticket to take part in and there are a variety of mini-games, such as a mock crime scene investigation and VR roller coaster and skateboarding games. Not straying from tradition, there are also some classic mini-games from Japanese festivals available at the exhibit, like ring tossing. Also, there's a mock Senbon Torii setup where visitors can write their wishes and hang them up like they’re in Kyoto.

Conan Torii 1, Min Xuan (cropped)

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At the ticketing counter, there's a little Detective Conan merch shop selling posters, tote bags, T-shirts, mugs and more at slightly marked-up but still affordable prices. Bring your own bag (or buy a tote bag) if you're planning to buy a lot of stuff, as the standard Detective Conan-themed shopping bag is pretty small.

Tickets for individual activities are 25RMB each or 88RMB for full access.

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