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Parenting fails of the month: our favourite September mishaps

Sometimes we're bad mums and dads, okay? Laugh now, deny later

Illustration: Young Yu
No parent is perfect. In fact, sometimes parents fail pretty hard at the whole parenting thing. That's why we've decided to embrace it! So many mums and dads have shared their parenting fail stories over the years. Here are our favourites from last month.

‘Our son made me some breakfast. I was like, “Aw, thanks!” Then I looked in the bowl and saw that he’d mixed four of his action figures into some breakfast cereal.’ – Ara, Jingan

‘I tried to get a newborn photoshoot done, but my daughter pooped on me and cried the entire time.’ – Karen, Putuo

‘I left my toddlers alone with a sticker book and they put stickers in each other’s hair.’ – Julia, Minhang

‘It’s pretty embarrassing but I tripped up the stairs over the brand-new baby gate because I was too lazy to open it.’ – Sarah, Changning

‘My daughter wouldn’t stop screaming the other day at brunch because I wouldn’t give her a sip of my iced coffee. Do I have a coffee-addicted toddler?’ – Tao, Xuhui

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