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Celebrate Earth Day with these new online eco courses for kids

Zero Waste Shanghai has launched a new series of classes on sustainability (and we're sure you'll learn something too)

Photograph: Frederic Bazin
Have a budding little eco-warrior on your hands? Tomorrow is their day – Earth Day is here for its 50th year. While life in Shanghai doesn't usually scream 'sustainability' (waimai, anyone?), that means there are all the more opportunities and reasons to learn how to lessen your footprint. In its new VIDA (Very Important Daily Actions) series of courses, Zero Waste Shanghai has crafted online classes to help teach kids (and their parents) how to do just that.

Aimed at students aged six to 12 years old, the e-learning classes offer kids a fun, interactive way to engage with the issues of climate change and waste. The Earth Day course (148RMB) covers plastic and food waste in four modules over 30 minutes, imparting the impact of everyday choices and habits through a seven-day challenge which asks kids to put ideas into action, such as repurposing an item at home. The 45-minute Urban Compost Bin class (188RMB) delves deeper in food waste issues with a lesson on how to make your own DIY compost bin (with materials available for purchase on the Zero Waste Shanghai website). Launching on May 16, the Ocean Day class will address plastic pollution and the role of oceans in our ecosystems as well as actionable steps to reduce and reuse plastic in daily life.

While Zero Waste Shanghai has worked with schools across the city, this is an initiative to reach a broader audience. 'We don’t have time to go to every school, but we want every kid to have access to it,' says founder Alizee Buysschaert. 'Also, I want them to become actors of their own lives and choices through acting upon their thoughts.'

These lessons are available through the Zero Waste Shanghai website. Your child will be a pint-sized zero-waste hero in no time.

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