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Parenting fails of the month: our favourite June mishaps

Sometimes we're bad mums and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny later

Illustration: Mojo
No parent is perfect. In fact, sometimes parents fail pretty hard at the whole parenting thing. That's why we've decided to embrace it! So many mums and dads have shared their parenting fail stories over the years. Here are our favourites this month.

‘Told my son that if he didn’t complain about walking from the metro stop to our house, he could have ice cream. He now wants a ice lolly every time we walk more than four blocks.’ –Em, Pudong

‘I preheated the oven to make my kids’ dinner and accidentally melted the Tupperware I had stashed in there. They had to have cereal instead.’ –Diana, Changning

‘Gave my daughter the grown-up task of bringing the Easter cupcakes to the table. They only made it to the carpet.’ –Charlie, Jingan

‘I fell asleep in a hotel room with my daughter. When I woke up, I saw that she’d got the complimentary pen and drawn on herself, me, the sheets and the walls. Oh, and I was too embarrassed to tell the staff and legged it.’ –Jack, Xuhui

‘Totally used my toddler to skip the bathroom line at my neighbourhood brunch spot. Then she yelled, “I don’t have to pee!”’ –Mei, Minhang

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