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More universities in the USA are now accepting gaokao scores

High marks on the infamously intense college entrance exam may now be the ticket to an education abroad

Photograph: Ryan Jacobson via Unsplash
The reputation of the notoriously rigorous gaokao, taken by nearly ten million students across China earlier this month, seems to be spreading outside of the country. The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is now the first flagship state university in the USA to accept the college entrance exam results in lieu of SAT or ACT scores.

According to a bilingual page on the UNH website, the new policy is part of the school's initiative to increase its international student population. China is already the largest exporter of students to the USA, with 377,000 currently enrolled, according to BBC News.

Students applying through UNH's Gaokao Admission Program may attend the school as early as the 2018-2019 academic school year – given that they've scored within the top 25 percent of their province, received a certain minimum score on English proficiency exams, and participated in a Skype interview with a university faculty member.

UNH is the first state university to accept the gaokao, but a handful of other private American universities have already widened their views on standardised testing to include the exam, including The University of San Francisco (which has been accepting gaokao scores since 2015) and New York University.

For Chinese students looking to study abroad, this news is just one more motivator to power through the months of hard work, stress and preparation.

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