The best art exhibitions in Shanghai now

Li Binyuan, Altered Carbon 2020, Observations, Bob Dylan Retrospectrum and more...

Photograph: courtesy Long Museum West Bund
The weather is cold and polluted, but the art world is hot. This season's art scene is heavy in new digital media: Yuz Museum's got a show about making art in Hollywood studios (other than films); West Bund Museum brings some highlights of the Centre Pompidou New Media Collection and HOW Art Museum has launched a three-year project on the development of Chinese new media art from the last three decades.

Apart from that, Bob Dylan's Retrospectrum has been extended until March; a cool exhibition over at Columbia Circle uses all recycled materials and Long Museum's Altered Carbon takes an unexpected spin on classic masterpieces (spoiler alert, this one has lots of cyborgs).

Most museums close during CNY from Friday 24 until Tuesday 28, so do check before planning your trip this week.

Li Binyuan: A Solo Exhibition

HOW Art Museum presents a collection of Li Binyuan's action-based works from the past decade. Frequently compared to Francis Alÿs, whose works explore themes such as individual action and importance, the events in Li Binyuan’s photos usually take place at any time and often lead to no concrete results. Radical and ridiculous at times, Li invites viewers to reconsider our bodies and their boundaries.

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HOW Art Museum , Lane 2277 Zuchongzhi Road Every day except Monday

In Production: Art and Studio System

There’s a lot of overlap between visual arts and cinematic production – artists on both sides of the fence can look to the other for inspiration. In this exhibition at Yuz, you’ll see 24 contemporary artists whose works critique, appropriate and engage with Hollywood and the film studio system. Expect backdrops, c-stands and sandbags, plus a film made by veteran animators from Walt Disney Studios, and prepare to walk into a superhero film set design.

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Altered Carbon 2020: Pang Maokun

Long Museum West Bund presents a solo exhibition of the Chongqing-based artist Pang Maokun. Coming from an oil painting background, Pang’s work explores oil paintings vis-à-vis the age of technology. The result is a collection of paintings and sculptures that you may recognise, but with a few… alterations.

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Long Museum West Bund , 3398 Longteng Avenue Every day except Monday

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