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Earthwork artist Stan Herd will create a huge 'living sculpture' in Shanghai

After a project in Yunnan, Herd has his sights on Shanghai

Photograph: courtesy Stan Herd ('Young Woman of China')
After creating an enormous 'living sculpture' in Yunnan, earthwork artist Stan Herd is bringing his next large-scale project to Shanghai. Inspired by the Fibonacci sequence (where each number is the sum of the two proceeding it), the new project will be what the Kansas-born artist calls his 'legacy work' and will consist of two large-scale pieces, one in Shanghai and one in a city in US which has yet to be decided.

stan herd3
Photograph: courtesy Stan Herd (Beto Earthwork)

Though design details have yet to be released, the project will connect science, art and the two countries, according to Herd. In an interview with SHINE, he said that the work in Shanghai will be completed by young Americans, while the piece in the US will involve young Chinese artists.

But of all cities, why Shanghai? Apparently he's a big fan, according to the interview. Having spent two years completing his largest work to date (a 2.4-hectare permanent earthwork ‘Young Woman of China’) in Yunnan, the artist has developed a connection to China.

stan herd2
Photograph: courtesy Stan Herd (Young Woman of China)

Through this project, Herd hopes to get people of the US and China to come together for a common cause and hopes that they gain a newfound respect for the cultures and histories of the two places, along with a respect for the Earth in the process.

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