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3 tragic bar closings you should be crying about

Pour one out for Tour, Magnolia Room and District

Cocktail bars, pubs and speakeasies alike come and go constantly in Shanghai – some you love, some you hate and some you don't even notice are here to begin with. But every so often you lose ones that really hit those sore spots in your booze-flooded heart. We're sad to report that this is one of those times... pour one out for friendly Jingan beer bar District, snack-paired cocktail joint Tour and speakeasy Magnolia Room beneath it.

Tour's Grilled Negroni

Helmed by bartender Mack Ross, Tour and Magnolia Room recently closed at the never-popularised United Valley on Changle Lu, and it's a huge loss to the already quiet complex. Not only did both bars boast fabulous cocktails, but they were just plain fun: Tour with its street-style vibes and surprise bites that accompanied each drink; Magnolia Room with its scratch card lottery menus for chances to win stuff like snacks and bottles of booze. Plus, where else are we going to get a smashing negroni that comes with a gooey grilled cheese? Sad as it is, there's some good news. The bars' fans and frequenters can rest easy knowing that this month, Ross will be joining the winning crew at Bund-side gastrolounge The Nest. Be sure to pay him a visit.


Chill and cheerful beer bar District will be shuttering sometime early this week. Run by founder Clara Davis, who's also the mind behind also community storytelling event Unravel, the small Jingan joint has been a popular little spot since it opened two years ago and will surely be missed by regulars and passers by alike.

Davis told Time Out, 'We’re so sad to say goodbye, and so grateful to have spent two years growing and serving the best damn community. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our story at District – customers, staff, partners, friends, media, drinking buddies – who continue to champion the vibrant F&B scene in Shanghai. Your support and love is appreciated more than I can say.'

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