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Drink your way through this CNY mystery cocktail campaign at 9 Shanghai bars

Because there's no better way to welcome in a new year than booze

Stranger Concoctions at FED
Booze is fun enough on its own, but we always appreciate an extra twist on the usual bar experience. Put this on your radar for the lull that is January: Stranger Concoctions.

In celebration of the new lunar year, creative agency The Orangeblowfish invited nine bartenders in Shanghai to an unusual cocktail challenge – no corporate sponsors, just pure fun. Each bartender was asked to select a mystery ingredient (out of nine atypical cocktail ingredients), with one instruction to carry out: create a signature cocktail within 24 hours, highlighting the essence of their selected ingredient, which would then be featured on the bar's menu for a limited time.

From now until 28 February 2018, the Stranger Concoctions cocktails will be offered at nine participating bars – The Captain, el Ocho, FED, Laundry Co., Liquid Laundry, Logan’s Punch, Glam, Shake and Sober Company. With only one Stranger Concoction cocktail available at each bar, you'll have to barhop across the city to sample each of the nine special creations.

Mums the word from The Orangeblowfish on what each cocktail is and prices are set by each bar respectively, but here's a visual teaser of a few of the creations...

Laundry Co.

Liquid Laundry

Logan's Punch


To encourage you along on the journey, The Orangeblowfish is offering a series of prize vouchers valued from 200 to 2,000RMB. Curious about the details? Check their WeChat (the_orangeblowfish).