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This new Xintiandi pedestrian street will have pop-up market and food stalls every weekend

A section of Hubin Lu will be closed to traffic and feature tons of entertainment

Photograph: Ye Massa via Unsplash
Looks like there’s one more reason to check out Xintiandi. SHINE reports that as of last week the city began closing off a section of Hubin Lu to traffic – the street will now be only for pedestrians from Friday evening through Monday morning. During that time, the area will see a slew of entertainment ranging from markets and food stalls to art installations and outdoor workout classes.

The move is in part an effort to breathe some life into Shanghai’s nightlife scene, which had reportedly been dwindling over the past few years due to noise complaints from locals in residential areas. Trial runs for the Hubin Lu pedestrian-only hours held back in August and September saw around 190,000 visitors, so it’s safe to say the city’s on the right track with this venture.

If you’re keen to check out the scene, you’ve still got some time – the street will continue the weekend traffic shutdown from now until 1 January 2020.

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