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China is allowing more international airline carriers from today

...with a reward and punishment scheme attached

Photograph: Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash
Following a threat from the US last Wednesday to ban all Chinese airline carriers flighting to America starting June 16, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced the next day that China will ease its flight restrictions to allow more foreign carriers to land in the country. On Friday, the US then said it will allow Chinese passenger air carriers two flights per week.

In addition to the international carriers already approved to fly to China in March (as published in the notice for the fifth phase of international flight plans, a scheme known as the 'Five Ones' that allows one airline to fly to one city in one country once a week), the new policy released by the CAAC last week will allow additional foreign carriers not already listed to choose one city in China to resume one flight once a week starting today.

However, the CAAC also announced that it will implement a 'reward and punishment' system for all incoming international flights by foreign carriers as a part of the new policy. If no passengers are found positive in nucleic acid test for three consecutive weeks, the number of flights may be increased to a maximum of two flights per week. However, if five passengers test positive from the same flight, the flight route will be barred for one week and if ten people are found to be positive, there will be a four-week ban for the route.

Though more flights are now possible to and from China internationally, border restrictions barring the entry of most foreigners to China remain in place at this time.