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Shanghai’s biggest sports park is coming this September

Shanghai Citizen Sports Park will be three times the area of Century Park

Photograph: Victor Garcia via Unsplash
Good news for sports lovers: a new enormous sports park named Shanghai Citizen Sports Park has nearly finished its construction in Jiading district, near the Shanghai International Circuit. Its completion is estimated to be done around the end of September this year.

At 420,000 square metres, it will contain 25 basketball courts, 18 standard football pitches, 32 half-size pitches as well as 830 parking spaces. Additionally, there will be 12 sections of grassland which will have platforms dedicated for spectators.

The park is said to become the biggest park in Shanghai, being three times the area of Shanghai’s Century Park. As big as it is, locals in Shanghai won’t be lacking communal spaces, and more than 30 percent of its surface will be covered by gardens and other greenery.

Support facilities will also be included, with over 5,600 square metres of space allocated to it. This space can be used for sports education, various exhibitions, training and experience, according to Shanghai Construction Group.

Currently, two sightseeing bridges and all the half-size pitches and basketball courts are complete, while the other fields are still under construction. The park can be used for both daily activities by the public and professional sports competitions. According to SHINE, project leader Zhu Tieliang said that the fields are made to meet the requirements of professional pitches. The publication also says the government plans to have about half of its local residents participate in sports regularly by 2020.

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