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2 exciting Chinese electronic music mixes to wrap your ears around

Want a taste of the current Chinese electronic scene? Here you go...

Shanghai has been at the forefront of interesting electronic music in China for some time now, but the last few months have seen a slew of impressive releases from locally-based artists: debut solo records from Gooooose, 33EMYBW and Hyph11e, plus the latest from Tzusing. Widen the parameters to take in all of 2017 and you can add outstanding music from Faded Ghost, Swimful and more to that list.

In the last few days, two mixes have surfaced that pull a lot of this music – plus more besides – together.

The first is from former Time Out Beijing contributor, Pangbianr founder, and now Radii China writer Josh Feola. Originally created for Tiny Mix Tapes, Feola's mix 'includes some of the most interesting, strange, enticing, exhilarating, or otherwise quality electronic music to come out of “greater China” this year,' as he puts it.

It's embedded below (you'll need to turn on your VPN for it), but we highly recommend you head over to his Radii post on it where you get a track-by-track breakdown of who/what you're listening to.

Feola's has been joined recently on the world wide web by a mix from Shanghai-based producer, Co:Motion co-founder, and Elevator resident MIIIA for the Inverted Audio podcast. On it, she presents her own productions alongside tracks from ChaCha (aka Faded Ghost) and HanHan (aka Gooooose), as well as music from Chengdu-based band Proximity Butterfly and Beijing-based producer Shao.

'The tracks I have used are almost all from Shanghai and Asia-based artists, plus some unreleased tracks of mine,' she tells Inverted Audio.

The mix comes with more of a haunting ambient techno flavour, and you can check it out below – on Soundcloud if you've still got your VPN on, or on QQ Video if not. Hit the Inverted Audio page for the full track listing plus an interview with MIIIA herself.

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