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Liars among Strawberry Festival 2018 headliners

Strawberry is back for the May holiday. Here's who's performing

May festival season is hotting up. With less than a month to go, one of the big players in the Labour Day holiday festival frenzy has announced it's 'first phase' line-up.

With a 'warm-up' series of shows this weekend, Strawberry Festival already seemed a given to return for May, but now we know a little more. For one thing, the event will be held at Shanghai Rugby Club – aka 'that place where Concrete & Grass takes place' – this year, bringing an end to their long stint on the former Expo site.

For another, we know some of the bands and artists set to appear. There's the usual slew of Modern Sky bands (they are the organisers of Strawberry after all) – we're talking the likes of New Pants and Re-TROs – and interesting Chinese acts – cult odd-folk outfit Wood Pushing Melon will be there – along with a smattering of international acts: namely Liars, Habibi, and Mystery Lights, plus Japanese outfits Wednesday Campanella and the fin.

And of course this is just 'phase one', so expect more names to emerge in the coming weeks.

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