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Railway police have started using facial recognition glasses

'What are you looking at?'

Weibo: 英语环球广播
Ever felt a bit uncomfortable when a police officer has been staring at you? Well, now you have slightly more reason to after Railway Police in Henan have started using glasses with facial recognition technology to scan passengers. Not scary at all...

According to Sixth Tone, police at Zhengzhou East Railway Station have adopted these Google Glass-like spectacles to help them verify passengers' identities and even spot suspected criminals ahead of the busy CNY travel period. Since station staff in Zhengzhou implemented the technology earlier this year, they have caught seven criminal suspects.

Currently being used by four officers strategically placed at the station's entrances, according to People's Daily, the glasses are capable of taking pictures of people and comparing them to mug shots on the police database, while also accessing information such as people's names, addresses and ethnicities.

It all seems a bit Black Mirror or Terminator, doesn't it? Only time will tell if the technology develops further to be able to tell what you had for dinner, how many units of alcohol you have per week, when was the last time you showered, how many hours a week you spend playing that Japanese frog game and how many WeChat group chats you've muted...

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