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Photos: CNY travel rush then and now

Busy then; busy now

Of all the things that change over the years in China, all the things that open and close and become shopping malls, the public holiday travel rush will probably never be one of them. This time, it's the fever pitch of Chinese New Year's travel. If you aren't staying in Shanghai this Spring Festival, you might be going to the train station, where the crowd will catch you and you'll be waiting, time after time.

This photo from January 1983 shows luggage stewards at Shanghai Railway Station helping travellers load their belongings onto a train. Ecns.cn.

Here's a photo from this month at Shanghai South Railway Station, featuring a delicate piece of luggage that has been loaded onto the train. Sina.

This photo, from 16 January 1996, shows the early beginnings of the Spring Festival travel peak at Beijing Railway Station. Ecns.cn.

Here is the Beijing Railway Station at peak Spring Festival travel rush today. Sina.

This photo, from January 1982, shows a steward serving a passenger of a dining car on a train from Hohhot to Beijing. Dining cars with tables and seating are not so popular these days, as you can get food delivered straight to your seat. Ecns.cn.

On train No. 3184 from Shantou to Nanchang, this railway worker serves sick soprano saxophone tunes instead of meals. Xinhua.

On 12 January 1985, a cargo train is used to transport Spring Festival migrants due to a shortage of regular passenger trains. Ecns.cn.

These days, many who don't live too far choose to hit the road on their wild hogs for a real Motorcycle Diaries kind of journey home. Sina.

Get your mask on, tiny hogette. Sina.

See you in the new lunar year, traveller. Sina.

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