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Shanghai's average air pollution levels overtake Beijing

A 9 percent increase in the past three months, while Beijing's have dropped drastically

Beijing's air pollution levels have been on a steady decline ever since the government's 2013 air quality action plan was taken into effect. In fact, the major steel plant shutdowns and heavy restrictions on coal caused a 54 percent drop in air pollution levels in the past year, data shows. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case for Shanghai.

Shanghai's PM2.5 levels have risen by 9 percent in the last three months, overtaking the capital. According to Green Peace publication, Unearthed, this is due to the shift in industrial output from regions around Beijing to other economic hubs such as Shenzhen and our very own Shanghai thus a rise in emission levels.

For now, it seems that Shanghai will be taking over Beijing's reputation as the China's most polluted major city unless, with much hope, Shanghai meets its goals for year 2025. Maybe time to think about wearing a mask, people.

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