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California chain The Habit Burger Grill has landed in Shanghai

Charbroiled beef and malted milkshakes FTW

And it don't stop... burger mania. Milkshake mayhem. The American fast food flood. Over the last year Shanghai's seen an influx of wonderfully greasy food: an In-N-Out burger pop-up; the opening of one Taco Bell (and another on the way), two White Castle and two Fatburger locations; the announcement of Shake Shack's plan to set up shop by 2019. Now The Habit Burger Grill is the latest to brings its buns and shakes to our fair metropolis, crossing the lake from California to land at SOHO Fuxing Plaza near Xintiandi.

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Double Char with cheese

Opening in Santa Barbara in 1969, Habit Burger Grill is more like fast-casual than straight up fast food. The menu is bursting with burgers, naturally, but there's also a big list of sandwiches (42-68RMB) and salads (28-56RMB). The things to get here, though, are the 'Charburgers'; beef burgers of many varieties: single or double, BBQ bacon, teriyaki or the signature Santa Barbara with roasted garlic aioli and cheese. Each comes loaded up with lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, pickles and mayo. They're big, delicious and well-priced starting at 52RMB for a burger, fries and a drink.


First impressions are great – burgers are super juicy and flavourful thanks to The Habit's in-house meat grinding and fresh, not frozen patties (which you can watch them pound out from the open prep area). It's a big difference that elevates these guys above many other on-the-fly burger joints. Stellar shakes and malts make for another Habit Burger mainstay, available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, and coffee for just 28RMB, way less than other comparably good versions around town. Definitely go for a malt.

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Don't brush off Habit Burger Grill as just another place jumping on the incoming American fast food train. You'll get truly tasty burgers here and top notch shakes, and you won't empty your wallet doing so. And on a final note, the service is great – the staff is smiley, helpful and really concerned about whether or not your burger is the best it can be, and that's a pleasant surprise that you don't often find.

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