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Three food scene veterans are teaming up for a new Northern Thai concept

Easy, shareable fare and an inspired drinks menu from some familiar names

Photograph: Min Ling via Unsplash
KIN Urban Thai Kitchen – the result of a partnership between Camel Hospitality Group (The Bull & Claw, El Luchador, D.O.C), Camden Hauge (Egg, Bird, Bitter) and Urban Thai Group – is coming to Shanghai in just a few weeks with plans to ‘revitalise the Urban Thai concept’, according to a statement.

KIN will convey the tastes and spirit of Northern Thai cuisine ('hot, salty, sour, funky, herbaceous'), which reflects the region's cooler, seasonal climate and espouses a preference for all things pork and veg. Instead of the spicy flavours found in something like tom yum, Northern Thai cuisine tends to use more bitter, dried spice flavours.

The word 'kin' in the name holds a double meaning. It refers to the Thai translation for 'to eat', and also the English meaning of the word 'family'. This is to symbolise the 'centrality of food to a Thai community' as well as the way food can unite those from all walks of life.

A flagship location is slated to open up on Dagu Lu (near Chengdu Bei Lu) in early September, with locations on Yongkang Lu and Changle Lu to follow.

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