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Flabjacks creator Ton Mak's Shanghai-inspired Nike trainers launch today

The Shanghai-based visual artist's design celebrates the city's happy chaos

All photos: Cream
Shanghai is a city that’s growing non-stop. Right now springtime blooms make it obvious, but it’s much more than that says Shanghai-based visual artist Ton Mak. ‘New spaces are built everyday. New malls are everywhere, but [between all this] our city’s trees bloom left, right and centre.’

It’s this spirit of constant growth and happy chaos that the Shanghai-based illustrator worked into a reimagined pair of Nike trainers as part of the brand’s Free Expression campaign. For the campaign, Nike asked artists around the globe what it means to be free in the city where they live and over the past year, Mak’s worked with a Portland-based team to take her original sketches of flowers and trees with ‘almost childlike loose and crazy strokes' and make the Dream Dream Drift into a reality.

FLABJACKS x NIKE free 2018 artist collaboration 13

This isn’t Mak’s first collaboration with the sneaker giant (she’s been involved with local events including the brand’s Force is Female campaign last year), but it is the first time her designs will launch with the brand worldwide.

FLABJACKS x NIKE free 2018 artist collaboration 7

Since the 2013 launch of Flabjacks, a series of friendly puffy-faced cartoon characters, Mak has shown her work in solo exhibitions, was an artist in residence for IDEO Shanghai, manages a retail line (find her stuff at Madame Mao’s Dowry and Egg) and shows no sign of slowing down.

Get the Dream Dream Drift from today at certain Shanghai Nike stores (including Huaihai Zhong Lu and Taikoo Hui) or via their online store.

FLABJACKS x NIKE free 2018 artist collaboration 10

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