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How to: Make your own WeChat stickers

How to turn your favourite GIF into a WeChat comeback

When we were first introduced to WeChat, we immediately fell in love with the cute stickers that expressed just about any emotion. But when we learnt that we could make our own stickers, there was no turning back. Here's our guide to making your own personal sticker collection that will make you everyone's favourite group chat member (maybe).

To turn your favourite GIFs from the web into custom stickers on WeChat, this is what you have to do:

1) Pick your favourite


We picked this one to try out. Don't worry, you can make up to a 100 custom stickers (WeChat's storage capacity).

2) Reduce the size of your GIF

Try adding the GIF straight to WeChat (see below), but if it doesn't work, it may be because most action-packed GIFs are above the size limit set by WeChat (300KB). Handy websites, such as GIFmaker and EZgif.com, do a neat job in converting it to a size that is supported. Most WeChat stickers that hover below the 250KB mark work fine, so give yourself a bit of a buffer.

3) Get the GIF on your mobile

One way to do this is to plug your phone to the computer and drag the GIF into the photo library of your phone. But, if you have desktop WeChat (which we recommend downloading, if we're not liable for your decrease in productivity afterwards), you can simply send the gif to yourself via the 'file transfer' chat tab, and then all you need to do is hold down the gif on your phone and select 'add sticker'. Easy peasy.


4) Import the GIF into WeChat

If you've sent the GIF to yourself on WeChat, you don't need to worry about this step. If you've manually put the GIF on your phone, click on the smiley tab in the chat, and then the heart icon. There, you will see a huge '+', clicking on that will bring you to your phone's photo library where you can pick your desired GIF to add into this customised list.


You can find your new sticker under the 'heart' icon.


Now you will be armed with a brilliant collection of GIFs turned WeChat stickers for that perfect comeback - because using words is so 2014.

And... how to make yourself into a WeChat sticker

Now we go one up. Here's how to have your own beautiful mug immortalised in the land of group-chattery.


Download WeicoGif from your app store, and don't let its minimalistic interface fool you. You can choose to either make a photo or video GIF, with a selfie or a past photo from your photo album. After doing so, you are led to the filters page, with options to make your GIF more animated. The next page lets you play with the speed of the GIF.

Should you be unsatisfied with the original, you can choose to take it down a notch or speed it up. You can also reverse the order of the frame by selecting or deselecting each individual frame. After nailing the nitty gritty details, you will be prompted to share the GIF to one of the main social media platforms (WeChat, Weibo, QQ etc). Choose someone to send it to, and when it's sent, click and hold the sticker for the 'Add to Stickers' bubble to pop up.

You can now send your very own GIF to everyone on your contact list.


Alternatively, there are other apps like MojiMe, that allow you to plaster your face so that you are transformed into a live, animated and hopefully likable emoji.

Now excuse us while we go make 99 more stickers.

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