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Jingan to open 11 more self-service basketball courts this year

Shanghai courts basketball players

After the success of Shanghai's first self-service basketball court, opened last July in Jingan district, the city has committed to opening 11 more self-service basketball courts by the end of this year, according to SHINE.

The city's first self-service courts, located at 1640 Linfen Lu and 262 Xinma Lu, have already been used by 20,000 people. The courts are accessed by scanning a QR code and then paying with WeChat upon leaving. The new courts will be open 24/7 and they will cost 5RMB per hour to use during the day, 8RMB per hour at night and free every weekday morning from 7-10am.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more convenient, the new courts are due to have vending machines for drinks and basketballs, and the city is going to launch a WeChat app that people can use to check which courts in the city are open.

If you're thinking: Gosh, people are awful and someone's going to shatter the backboard or set basketballs on fire, then clearly you haven't been living here long. The city plans to monitor the courts with CCTV and loudspeakers that administrators – who must be watching from the self-service basketball court command centre – can use to yell at any troublemakers. No word yet if they'll use the CCTV and loudspeakers to call fouls.

In a city where it can be hard to find quality space for sports like basketball at a reasonable cost, these courts are great news. Just be ready to be watched by Big Ref.

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