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Chengdu Airlines just launched a mala-themed flight leaving from Shanghai

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Photograph: @航空物语 via Weibo
If you know what mala means and all about the city where you can experience lots of it, you won't be surprised to hear that Chengdu Airlines has just launched a mala-themed flight connecting Shanghai and Chengdu.

Passengers won't actually be offered hotpot while flying, however, they will be greeted by hotpot graphics pasted to the surface of overhead compartments, be shown an introduction video to Sichuan cuisine, and receive a peppercorn-shaped cushion and a gift package including hotpot seasoning.

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Photograph: @航空物语 via Weibo

In cooperation with famous Chengdu-based hotpot franchise Da Long Yi, the flight aims to promote tourism in Sichuan, home to wild pandas but also a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Jiuzhaigou and the Leshan Mountain Buddha carving.

It's not the first time airlines have tried to garner attention in unorthodox ways. Last year, Shanghai Disney Resort partnered with China Eastern Airlines to cover the outside of four planes with Disney cartoon characters. In early August, travel website Qyer cooperated with Scoot Airlines for a one-time-only ‘in-air karaoke’ flight between Tianjin and Singapore during which flight attendants in wigs and fancy dress played games and sang karaoke with the passengers on board.

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