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Travellers will take nearly 79 million flights during Spring Festival next month

Better get planning

Photograph: Patrick Tomasso via Unsplash
Here's a little reminder to start preparing for the Spring Festival holiday if you haven't already. Trip.com has revealed that Chinese tourists have already set new travel highs for Chinese New Year, booking trips to 419 overseas cities in over 100 countries and regions during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday.

Starting next month, the peak chunyun travel period is expected to last 40 days from Friday 10 January to Tuesday 18 February. Xinhua reports an estimated 8.4 percent increase of air passengers during the upcoming Spring Festival, amounting to 79 million trips, while the Civil Aviation Administration of China foresees the average number of flights to shoot over 16,000 in a day during peak periods.

As for railways, travel is also expected to increase by up to 8 percent, to a whopping 440 million. Fortunately, stations are prepared to carry around 10.1 million passengers daily using over 5,275 trains during the travel period.

Sounds like we’d better stop waiting for Christmas and start preparing for Spring Festival instead.

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