Closed: Win a VIP card offering discounts across the city

Free drinks, delivery coupons, community events and more

Photograph: courtesy 247tickets
Do you like discounts? Of course, you do. Do you like free stuff? We'll answer that one for you: yes. Yes, you do. Do you want to win a card that gives you discounts and free stuff? We think we know the answer...

AnyHelper and China Unicom's Summer Card is a VIP membership card that grants discounts and freebies for an enormous number of bars, events and services in Shanghai. With more than 40 discount opportunities, the card offers money off on Chinese lessons, gym classes, food, entertainment and more, including popular services such as Sherpa's, 247tickets, Baopals and YouYouSpace.

Discounted jazz!?!? Photograph: courtesy 247tickets

The card is valid until October 30 and if you were to use it to its full potential, you'd take advantage of 4,440RMB worth of savings, including an 850RMB beer tour and 2,000RMB worth of service coupons. The card costs 199RMB (currently available for 99RMB) but we have a free one up for grabs.

For a chance to win one of these cards, scan the QR code below to follow the official Time Out Shanghai WeChat account (ID: timeoutshanghaieng) and send us a message saying ‘I want to win: summer card’ with your name, mobile number and WeChat ID. The competition closes Monday 13 at midday.