The best Korean fried chicken in Shanghai

We scoured Shanghai for the very best of this crispy, golden treat

Time Out can’t get enough of KFC. Korean fried chicken, that is. The snack never fails to get our mouth watering, so we scoured dozens of Shanghai’s Korean fried chicken joints to bring you a list of the very best.

Chicken Couple

Surrounded by other fried chicken and Korean barbecue joints, Chicken Couple is a fun little spot for KFC that does well to stand out from the crowd. Although there are plenty of dish options other than chicken, if it’s the bird you’re going for, both the original and the spicy wings (100RMB/mixed plate) have crispy exteriors, juicy interiors and plenty of flavour. Chicken Couple isn’t our favourite joint on this list, but it’s certainly worth a visit.

Chicken Couple is at No.29, 1101 Hongquan Lu, near Hongxin Lu. See full address details.

Hans Chicken

Hans Chicken is located next to a branch of Kyochon and across the road from Pizza and Chicken (see below); suffice to say you’re not lost for options at this busy intersection. Hans offers friendly service and has plenty of terrace seats and a cosy interior. The original fried chicken wings and drumsticks (45RMB/half portion) are small but full of flavour. The spicy version (45RMB/half portion) is also worth ordering; or you can mix the two.

Hans Chicken is at 2880 Hechuan Lu, near Huanzhen Nan Lu. See full address details.


One of the largest fried chicken chains in all of South Korea, Kyochon are very serious about their snacks, and are spreading the good message of Korean fried chicken far and wide with branches all over the world, and now throughout Shanghai too. The secret to their success is very much in the fry. The chicken here is double-fried, blotted for excess oil, and then each piece individually and delicately brushed with one of their special sauces. The glorious result is crispy-skinned pieces of juicy chicken that are some of the best in town; not overly oily or fatty, and a delight to eat. Make sure to try both the soy and garlic and the honey flavours (both 45RMB/eight pieces).

Kyochon 1991 Fried Chicken is at Soho Fuxing Centre, 388 Madang Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu. See full address details.

Pizza and Chicken

Straightforwardly-named Pizza and Chicken has a cute interior, with swing seats nestled between the tables. Although the service here can be a little cold, the chicken is not. Arriving piping hot at the table and served with a sweet-mustard dipping sauce, the original wings (40RMB/four pieces) are crisp, salty and moreish. The honey wings (45RMB/eight pieces) stray a little from the crispy-skinned options we’ve had elsewhere, but they’re a must order – salty yet sweet, and highly addictive to boot.

Pizza and Chicken is at 2889 Hechuan Lu, near Huanzhen Nan Lu. See full address details.

Seoul Fried Chicken

Despite having a dining room that’s reminiscent of somewhere you might have gone on a date as a teenager, Seoul Fried Chicken should not be dismissed on its cutesy, childish looks alone. Wooden tables and chairs line the small space and K-pop plays incessantly in the background, but all this is the setting for some top drawer fried chicken, second only to Kyochon. The original wings (35RMB/8 pieces) are small but coated in a crisp layer of salty goodness. If you’re a chilli fan, opt for the extra spicy chicken wings, which feature the perfect amount of heat without losing any of the chicken flavour – lip-smacking perfection (45RMB/eight pieces).

Seoul Fried Chicken is at 759 Zhengli Lu, near Guoquan Bei Lu. See full address details.