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You'll be able to take the metro all the way from Shanghai to Suzhou by 2023

Suzhou plans to extend its metro network to meet the end of Line 11

Photograph: zhang kaiyv via Unsplash
It's 2023, and you want to head over to the 'Venice of the East' – as Suzhou is still referred to by travel brochures everywhere – for a quick getaway. You could take the high-speed train, but it just goes way too fast taking only half an hour. And you've been overstaying your visa for the past seven years so buying a ticket with your passport is out of the question. Also, you don't want to do a rideshare because if you fall asleep the driver may livestream it.

Good thing then that, in 2023, you can take Shanghai's Line 11 to its terminal Huaqiao Station, then transfer to Suzhou's Line S1 which will take you through Kunshan in 27 stops, and then transfer to Line 3 and cross into Suzhou proper. And while you're taking that two-to-four hour metro ride, you can reflect on how the metro connection was first announced in September 2018 as another step in Suzhou's longterm plan to build 15 metro lines, according to SHINE.

Image: courtesy National Development and Reform Commission

Everybody said it would be great for Kunshan and Jiading, where Line 11 ends, but for everyone else in Shanghai or Suzhou, the high-speed train is just more convenient. But then look at you now, in 2023, taking the metro from Shanghai to Suzhou for all the right reasons.

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