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The Grindr code revealed

The all-important hidden meanings of the most commonly used emojis

Grindr may have created its own range of emojis, but for regular users, old habits die hard. We reveal the hidden meanings of the most commonly used emojis.

69 copy


We’ll bet a 100-kuai note that this dude is not actually a Pisces.



Your classic stocky or muscle-clad gay man who’s all about wild and abundant masculinity (and often jockstraps and leather). Expect a liberal coating of man-foliage from head to toe. Back hair may or may not be included.

blowjob copy

Blow job

To quote the immortal words of 50 Cent (almost) ‘he’ll take you to the candy shop, he’ll let you lick the lollipop.’ Your mother may have told you never to take sweets from strangers, but these might be just too good to turn down.



No, this isn’t gay code for a punch in the face or a friendly fist-bump.


Washboard abs and arrogance for days, it doesn’t get as douchey as the guy who refers to himself as ‘gym fit’. We get it, you love the gym and you’re swole AF but selfies in the free-weight zone are no replacement for wit, charm and a glowing personality.

bottom2 copy


‘This boy is a bottooom’ and qiezi is all he is looking for. These guys like to try before they buy, so unless you’re completely comfortable releasing your naughty pics into the digital ether, approach with caution.

Bubble butt copy

Bubble butt

This guy’s bubble butt is his most discerning feature, and this plump little peach is the badge of honour he’s earned after months of hardcore squats and lunges.

couple copy


Does his boyfriend know that he’s grinding all day long? Sometimes yes, and he’s into it. Remember, there’s always a least favourite in a threesome. That’s just science.



The safe option if you’re not into bang-n-go hook ups. This guy will at least take you for a beer or two and some nice conversation before taking you home to seal the deal.



The humble aubergine has become the universal symbol for penis. Grindr users will usually use the veggie as an indication of an imminent need for D or the exceptional size and girth of their member. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Looking copy


Often accompanied with a simple ‘just looking’, this creepy pair of eyes is the hallmark of the Grindr lurker. He’s not sure what he wants but just browsing the meat market before making a purchase.


Money Boy

If it’s a massage and a happy-ending you’re after, the money boy-cum-masseuse (don’t excuse the pun) might be on the cards. This handy stack of bills is there to tell you that services don’t come cheap. And no, you won’t be able to get a fapiao for that.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.48.53 AM copy


The classic ‘no pic no chat’ disclaimer. It’s there for great reason; who wants to chat with the blank profile of a Grindr lurker? Even if they’re ‘discreet’ that’s no excuse.



If you're looking for kinky fun, look no further than the guy whose spirit animal is a swine. He'll enjoy most dishes served at the gay buffet.

Rim copy


Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, you have a super tasty strawberry-frosted doughnut that you’d really like to share with someone new. Who would you choose? The guy with his tongue hanging out of course, he loves to share.

top2 copy


Like Frodo on his journey to Mordor, Grindr’s ‘tops’ are also on a journey to destroy the one ring. The top usually brands himself as ‘masc’ and is ‘looking for the same’ so good luck if gay-stereotypes are a turn-off.

traveller copy


Whether he’s here on business or passing through on a tour of Asia, it’s likely that this globetrotter is only interested in a one-night tryst. Avoid if you’re looking for ‘The One’.

bottom copy


As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life - and that’s certainly true of the ‘vers’ guy who really does offer the best of both worlds. Not sure what you fancy? Hit two birds with one stone and flip-flop the night away.

Devil copy


This little emoji is pervasive in the world of Grindr. What does it mean? Your guess is as good as ours (but we think it has something to do with being devilishly wicked).

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