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Super Typhoon Maria probably won't hit Shanghai

Here's hoping we don't jinx this

Photograph: Sean Seng via Pixabay
Super-Typhoon Maria, the huge category 5 typhoon that's causing widespread flooding in Japan, looks big enough to worry even the most seasoned vets of Shanghai's summer typhoon seasons. It's set to make landfall in China on Wednesday and earlier forecasts had feared that Shanghai might be in the storm's path.

It seems, however, that right now there's no cause for concern. The latest projections of the typhoon's path have it hitting China well south of Shanghai and travelling westward over the coastal city of Wenzhou. In other words, we should be fine. Current weather forecasts predict an overcast, if slightly windier, Wednesday and little chance for rain at all during the week. Although disruptions to train services from Shanghai were reported earlier, from what we can tell train tickets are available as normal apart from the cancellation of six Shanghai-Shenzhen services on Wednesday morning.

If it turns out we're wrong about all this, feel free to curse us for our hubris and check out what you can still do in Shanghai on a rainy day.

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