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Typhoon Jongdari is coming, but so is 38 degree heat

Enjoy the rain while it lasts, Shanghai...

Photograph: 2017 Typhoon Damrey via Wikimedia Commons
Cancel that al fresco happy hour session and forget about hanging out your washing, Shanghai might have been dry for a few days, but Typhoon Jongdari is expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds from late today (Thursday 3) until late Friday. But not too heavy nor too strong, according to Shine. The typhoon's predicted strength has put Shanghai's authorities on blue alert, the lowest out of four typhoon alert levels.

Jongdari touches down on Mainland China after tracking a path through Japan last Sunday. As it left Japan and moved over the sea, the storm regained enough strength to retain a typhoon classification and have Shanghai authorities preparing water infrastructure for flooding.

After the typhoon passes Shanghai, forecasters predict temperatures to jump up to 38 on the daily until Wednesday 8. So, if anything, enjoy the rain and breeze while it lasts.

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