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It looks like foreign students in China will be (legally) allowed to work part-time

Penniless students, take note...

Photograph: Abby Chung via Pexels
China's Ministry of Education has just announced a new relaxation of work policies for foreigners in the country according to China Daily, this time targeting those in university. From the announcement, it seems that international students studying in Chinese universities will now be able to take part-time jobs and internships off-campus during their studies, as long as their university approves and it's checked with all the relevant authorities.

Granted, it hasn't been uncommon for students to find a way around that requirement and the laws barring them from paid work. But it looks like there's no longer any need to work in a legally grey area – although, the details on specifics of how it would work are still tba.

The announcement comes off the back of many recent foreigner-friendly changes to China's immigration and work policies, including plans to streamline the visa process for immigrants and the trialling of a new 'startup business visa' in Shanghai. It looks like the government is set to continue efforts to court international talent and promote China's own burgeoning higher education system while they're at it.

Now's a better time than ever to take up that exchange programme and go to Perry's nightly, then...

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