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Tim Hortons is coming to China, with plans for 1,500 stores in 10 years

Timbit and double-double fanatics, brace yourselves

Photograph: courtesy Tim Hortons via Instagram @timhortons
Deprived Timbit addicts, rejoice. Canadian cult-favourite coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons joins the race for China's increasingly caffeinated hearts and e-wallets, according to CNN Money.
Founded by Canadian hockey icon Tim Horton, the franchise is the largest fast-food chain in the maple syrup nation and the latest major coffee business to infiltrate China. Operating more than 4,700 stores in Canada alone, the chain is partnering with Cartesian Capital Group, a private equity firm who brought the likes of Burger King to China, to open 1,500 branches in China over the next decade.

Photograph: Tim Hortons via Instagram @timhortons

Though the chain is keeping its original beverage options, it plans to tailor the food menu towards the local market, so suckers for Tim's bite-sized trous de beigne (no, they are NOT doughnut holes), don't get too excited yet. Fingers crossed that your ayis and shushus dig these sickly sweet glazed confections as much as North Americans.

It's not yet confirmed when or where the first store will officially open in China, but we're willing to bet the first will be in Shanghai. Until then, satisfy your sweet tooth with these new ice cream burgers.

Now that Timmys has answered our love calls, maybe it's time for Popeyes to read our article too, eh?