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Taobao's best wet weather gear

Weird and wonderful accessories that’ll keep you dry and lookin’ fly


As summertime arrives, we must also reluctantly welcome in Shanghai’s rainy season. With the majority of the city's annual rainfall likely to tumble down over the few months, precautions need to be taken. Here’s our guide to Taobao’s weird and wonderful rain accessories that’ll keep you dry and lookin’ fly during the impending dampness.

High heel protector


A little torrential downpour shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on fashion, nor lose two inches of height, so keep your high heels dry and tower above the puddles with these zippable plastic covers. From 13.5RMB.

Waterproof face mask


Take more caution against a few drops of water than most Shanghai welders take against the fiery sparks of industry with this element-busting plastic face mask. It’s perfect for a windy, rain-drenched scooter commute, and a tinted UV-protecting model is also available for when the storm clouds pass. 13.90RMB.

Two person scooter poncho


With the aid of this innovative plastic poncho, passenger and pilot alike can share in the wonder of dryness, and maybe even re-enact E.T.’s flying finale. 28.90RMB.

Umbrella hat

Need to stay dry but can’t bear to peel your hands away from your smartphone for even 5 minutes? Never fear, the hands-free, double-tiered umbrella is here! Your personal parasol is the convenient canopy you’ve been waiting for, and its adjustable chin strap means that even the most tempestuous of storms won’t hold you back. From 25RMB.

UFO rain cover

ufo raincaot big

An alien relative of the umbrella hat, this Unidentified Fashionable Object will not only keep the raindrops off you, but also dramatically increase your circumference, putting more distance between you and personal space invaders. A fun umbrella alternative for kids and adults alike. 25.9RMB.

Backpack rain poncho

If you have for any reason ever dreamed of looking like an bipedal blue plastic turtle, you're in luck! Snag this rain poncho with a compartment to protect your precious MCM backpack from the monsoon season elements. Just kidding, we all know you got it from Pearl City. From 19.90RMB.

Banana umbrella

Your days of fumbling with those flimsy plastic umbrella bags are over with this ap-peel-ing (sorry) banana. Available in both yellow and green, for whichever level of ripeness you prefer. 19.90RMB.

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