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7 street style trends we're seeing everywhere in Shanghai this summer

While it may seem impossible to look good in this heat, don't let that stop you

Photographs: John Pearson
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Raise your hand if you feel personally victimised by stores releasing autumn apparel already – because we do.

Stores may think it's time for fall wear, but the weather is saying something different. As temperatures continue to soar, we hit the camera-primed Columbia Circle area – Shanghai's newest old-made-trendy spot – to see what's trending for the hottest time of the year (including a few summer-friendly fall newcomers), best when styled out with a pair of XXS sunglasses.

Millennial Pink clearly isn't just a trend for 2017, because we're still not over it

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Who knows why we love this colour so much, whether it's pink cafés, pink drinks or the perfect accessory, it never disappoints. While we can't imagine this is the coolest outfit temperature wise, it is overwhelmingly on trend. The millennial pink blazer, off-white silk corset, rhinestoned bag and clear shoes – talk about an Insta-knockout.

Stripes for Wally, stripes for pirates and stripes for you too

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It seems that every piece of fashion this year has stripes. Trousers have them going down the seam, shirts have them, even collars have ribbed stripes. It's just striped everything. Thanks to fast fashion like Zara and ASOS, anyone can jump on this style train.

Monochrome + lilac = monochromatic lilac


While we're still self-confessed head-over-heels for millennial pink, millennial lilac is becoming the new go-to colour – and what a better way to wear it than monochromatically. The only thing that could complete this picture is a taro bubble tea.

Clean cut with joggers

IMG_1029 2

Joggers have long been seen as on-trend streetwear but now they are starting to become a real staple in many guys' wardrobes. Their biggest appeal: they're super comfy and, if styled right, they can look really good. Opt for a loose-fitting cropped pair to look stellar for the rest of the summer.

Lax bros

IMG_1119 2

Mid-calf's are normally worn on the athletic turf but, they've worked their way into everyday life. Add some personality to your wardrobe by wearing a fun pair of high socks with a pattern or stripes and you'll be ready to take the world by force (and ready to ball after work).

A blast from the past

IMG_1123 2

And to introduce you to the most contested summer fashion choice: the bumbag (North Americans read: fanny pack). designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada have brought back the bumbag this season for as a versatile bag that displays their logo while keeping your hands free. Most are split on the pack because of its tourist-from-the-'80/'90s vibe, but it is a sensible choice for the fast-paced Shanghai grind.

Unicorns never go out of style

IMG_1236 2

With a colour this magical, how could you not want to wear it every day? The unicorn themed iridescent has made its way into all aspects of fashion, from shoes to raincoats and even to household accessories. These reflective fabrics are too fun to say goodbye to and will stick around for the fall, so go out and buy some crazy pearly, high-gloss, holographic unicorn-tastic clothes.

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