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The top 10 things to do this weekend

Our picks of the best things to do this weekend in Shanghai

Taco Chino

Bruno Mars, Record Store Day, Taco Chino and a jianbing slider – this weekend is set to be another cracker. Read on for our top ten picks.

Around the World with Chef Danyi – Vietnam

'Around the World with Chef Danyi' is a new rotating set menu at Shake where award-winning chef and prolific traveller Danyi Gao serves her own takes on food from around the world. For this first go around, Gao brings Vietnam to Shanghai with bun cha (Hanoi pork meatballs with fresh noodle ...

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Shake , 46 Maoming Nan Lu Every Friday,Saturday,Sunday

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs is on China's big screens this weekend. Do you like talking dogs, Wes Anderson's stop-motion animation films, and/or culturally insensitive depictions of people? If you said yes to at least two of those things, this witty and dryly humorous film is for you.

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