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A 50-minute train between Hongqiao and Pudong airports is on the way

For anyone who's ever rocked up at the wrong airport

Photograph: Markus Winkler via Unsplash
Ever gone to the wrong airport by accident? There are few worse feelings in Shanghai than turning up at the check-in desk at Hongqiao and then realising your flight is leaving from Pudong in a couple of hours. Well, come 2020, this will be slightly less of an inconvenience thanks to plans of a new train connecting the two airports.


According to Sina, a 50-minute train between Hongqiao and Pudong should be up and running by 2020, with nine stations planned to be on the line – considerably quicker than riding Line 2 of the metro for an hour and 40 minutes...

The route from west to east is expected to be Hongqiao Airport - Qibaozhen - Huajing - Sanlin Nan - Zhangjiang - Disney - Pudong Airport - T3 - Shanghai East Railway Station. So, it looks like there's also gonna be a quicker way to get to Disneyland straight from either airport, which is always good. But don't expect to use this train to make your commute from downtown to either airport easier, as its route lies fairly far south of the city centre.

Even more Shanghai railway construction while we wait for the impending, if not unnecessary, metro link to Suzhou slated for 2023 and the worryingly rumoured 30-minute Shanghai to Beijing fast train that, will one day rip a hole in the space-time continuum.

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