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You'll soon be able to use the Shanghai Metro app to travel in Hangzhou and Ningbo

Next stop: convenience

Photograph: Lawrence Wang via flickr
We already heard about the proposed metro link to Suzhou, and now Shanghai's metro is going to be linking with Hangzhou and Ningbo. Well, the metro app at least...

According to SHINE, passengers who use a QR code to pay for metro rides in Shanghai through the Metro Daduhui app (Metro大都会) will be able to use the same QR code for rides in Hangzhou and Ningbo, potentially as early as the end of this year. Not a one-sided affair, riders from Hangzhou and Ningbo will be able to use QR codes from their city's respective metro app in Shanghai also.

Shanghai Shentong Metro Group has grand plans of integrating metro travel along the Yangtze River Delta with ambitions to allow people to use Shanghai's metro app in Nanjing, Changzhou, Hefei, Wenzhou, Wuxi and the aforementioned Suzhou. Next stop: convenience.

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