The seven must-see shows at this year's Xintiandi Festival

The diverse and always surprising Xintiandi Festival returns for its fourth year

Photograph: courtesy organisers (The Artist)
The 2019 Xintiandi Festival opens its fourth installment this season, with the 'warm-up' running from now until Sunday 26, and the main programme going from Thursday 30 May until Sunday 9 June. Curated by the Edinburgh Fringe Showcase, Xintiandi is unique among Chinese theatre festivals in that its initial impetus was to showcase not an art form but an area, so what seem like spatial limitations have actually birthed exceptionally creative programming.

Shows are staged in public squares, conference centers, museums, tents – any available space has a performance to fit, and they run the gamut from artistically challenging to completely family friendly, from visual to physical. Every festival, Xintiandi commissions pieces and works within a theme (this year is a New Female Showcase); even better, all shows are free or reasonably priced, and each is a five-minute walk from the next. Don’t go for the show – go for the day, have a wander, and take in all you can.

For the full programme, click here. To purchase tickets, click here.

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