13 terrific things to do on Xiangyang Road

A tour of Xiangyang Lu's best bits, working your way from north to south

Cover design by Sammi Sowerby
By Khushboo Khanna

Bright days, a slight nip in the air, the anticipation of spring blooms, and you, ready to skate or bike around Shanghai and bask in its glory. Hello to all who are waking up from their winter slumber! It's time to explore our beloved city again.

A two-kilometre-long, action-packed street running north to south, from Jing'an to Xuhui, Xiangyang Road or Lu has something for everyone, from AM to PM.

Here's a handy guide to exploring the street, which is an absolute hub for brunch spots, bistros, bars, and historic buildings.

1) Il Vino Bistro & Bar

Il Vino

With a colourful mosaic façade redolent of Ravenna, a city located between Florence and Venice, this Italian eatery is hard to miss. Perfect for a romantic evening or get-togethers with friends, Il Vino offers a diverse menu of sharing platters and pizzas best paired with wine or spritzes.

📍 4 North Xiangyang Road, Jing'an

2) Egg


Ask any Shanghai veteran for a recommendation on this bustling street, and eight out of ten times, we're almost certain the first suggestion will be Egg. An all-day eatery offering American staples in the day and pouring Chinese wine at night (though you won’t be judged for requesting a glass before sundown), this lofty eatery is also known for its rotating chef residencies and showcases different art on its walls every month.

📍 12 North Xiangyang Road, Jing'an

3) Cavern


A veritable cave of wonders, Cavern opens from lunchtime onwards, but you'll more likely find us here at the end of a long work day, sipping on cocktails. As a matter of fact, Gurgling by Cavern's unique selling point are gin & tonics on tap. Meanwhile, the hidden dining room in the back offers eye-catching meals that are worthy of sharing on your moments.

📍 27-3 North Xiangyang Road, Jing'an

4) Plan B

beer on tap

Contrary to what its name might suggest, Plan B isn't pushing birth control; swing by for affordable beers — starting at 20 RMB — and coffee instead. The microbrewery and café's affordable prices make it a popular youth magnet.

📍 77 North Xiangyang Road, Jing'an

5) Vision Street Wear


In the mid-1980s, American apparel company Vision Sports, the self-dubbed "mavericks of custom sports apparel," launched Vision Street Wear specialising in BMX and skateboarding.

Since opening on Xiangyang Road in 2018, the store has enjoyed immense popularity, and its edgy, colourful displays catch the eyes of passersby. Kudos to the brand for outfitting their staff in stylish uniforms while allowing each individual to showcase their own fashion sense.

📍 81 North Xiangyang Road, Jing'an

6) Yasmine's Bistro

Burger Challenge

A meat lover's dream come true, Yasmine's Bistro has greatly expanded from its early beginnings as a butcher shop: it is now an all-in-one butcher's, steakhouse, hotpot restaurant, and burger bistro!

Dare you take on the 'Biggest Burger in China Challenge' here? Containing 3 kilogram's worth of meat, the burger costs 428 RMB or nothing at all if the diner finishes it in one sitting.

The restaurant also runs a 'Devil Steak Challenge' that requires polishing off a 4kg steak in exchange for an attractive prize. Needless to say, gluttony's the word at Yasmine's.

📍 93 North Xiangyang Road, Jing'an

7) Yak & Yeti


Primarily serving Nepalese cuisine with some culinary influences coming from the neighbouring mountainous regions of Tibet, India and Yunnan, Himalayan restaurant Yak & Yeti offers very affordable lunch sets, but the space takes on a certain magic come sundown. We're looking forward to making the best of the patio this spring and summer. It's a small space, so booking ahead is advisable.

📍 97 North Xiangyang Road, Jing'an

8) Russian Orthodox Mission Church

russian church

A reminder of the influx of Russian émigrés who once called Shanghai home, the Russian Orthodox Mission Church was erected in 1930s and exemplifies the traditional Byzantine church style. Recognisable by its greyish-blue domes, the highest of which towers 35-metres, the church has been consecrated as an official Heritage Architecture building in Shanghai. Many things come and go in our city, but hopefully not this beaut of a building!

📍 Intersection of Xiangyang and Xinle Roads, Jing'an

9) Xiangyang Park


Marked by a hexagonal pavilion and drawing a diverse range of citizens, from dancing ayis and shushus to hobbyists keen on practising their calligraphy or Chinese checkers, Xiangyang Park is the ideal place to walk off a too-heavy brunch or to get a breath of fresh air after shopping at the nearby iapm mall.

📍 Between Xinle and Huaihai Middle Roads on Xiangyang Road, Xuhui

10) Coco Crew

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 2.02.37 PM

Nuts about coconuts? Then swing by Coco Crew, which incorporates the tropical fruit in coffee, cocktails, cookies, cakes and more. The menu strikes a healthy balance between detox and retox; none of their creations contain processed sugar, but the boozy beverages sure don't skimp on ABV! Take the CocoLoco for instance; your choice of alcohol is directly added to a whole coconut.

📍 108 North Xiangyang Road, Xuhui

11) Photo with

Prints (1)

A fun reminder of the tangible joys of film, Photo with is a pet-friendly photo studio equipped with selfie booths. How it works: peruse the studio's stash of fun props, pick your favourites, and pop into booths for 30-minute slots. Use their mini-programme (search 'photo with') to pre-book your room and choose from colour or black-and-white photos.

📍 No. 1, Lane 278, South Xiangyang Road, Xuhui

12) Da Ke Tang Pu'er Teahouse


Da Ke Tang Pu'er Teahouse (大可堂普洱茶馆), whose founders have over a decade's worth of experience perfecting the art of Pu'er, is housed in an elegant and wonderfully serene three-story French mansion built in the early 1930s.

Seeing as Pu'er, one of the most premium teas in the world, is sourced from Yunnan, each tea room here is named after a mountain in the region. Private rooms are available for those who want to enjoy their cups over hush-hush conversations. At this place for serious tea enthusiasts, a single cup can cost upwards of 150 RMB.

📍 25 South Xiangyang Road, Xuhui

13) Le Francais


Le Francais specialises in French-style desserts that are delicious on the eyes and the palate. You'll find flavours like yuzu and matcha, yoghurt and raspberries, and durian.

TIME OUT TIP: Go in a group to order the tasting platter for a steal — eight pastries for 298 RMB.

Best yet, this little patisserie has indoor and outdoor seating for the beautiful days ahead of us.

📍 232 South Xiangyang Road, Xuhui

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