Lightspace Xinhua Bookstore

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Photograph: Annabelle Chan
1588 Wuzhong Lu
Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the Light Space Xinhua Bookstore is part of a multifunctional art space which also includes the Pearl Art Museum on the eighth floor. The newly built bookstore is easily the prettiest out of all Xinhua bookstores with its starry sky dome, spiral stairs and cosy seating spaces.
Venue name: Lightspace Xinhua Bookstore
Opening hours: 10am-10pm
Mobile: Longbai Xincun
English address: Seventh Floor Aegean Place 1588 Wuzhong Lu, near Baizhang Lu Minhang district
Chinese address: 上海市闵行区爱琴海购物公园7层,吴中路1588号, 近白樟路