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Image: courtesy 44KW
158 Julu Lu
A unit of power equals 44,000 watts, hence the name, 44KW is a hybrid space with a commitment to inclusivity and quality electronic music. It's a disco, house and techno club with two rooms (lounge and club) equipped with a VOID sound system.

The KW lounge is the lighter, more relaxed iteration of these two spaces. It foregrounds chill house and disco music, and features high-tech, back-lit ping pong tables with holographic projection, automatic ball chasing, and ball supplying systems, as well as hypnotic paddles for some deadly back and forth.

On the darker side of the moon, the 44 club space specialises in hard techno, deep house and noise music, intended to pulse and reverberate for days to come. 44 events feature a mix of artists from local and international enclaves, hailing from the likes of Berlin, Detroit, Amsterdam and New York.
Venue name: 44KW
WeChat: CLUB_44KW
Metro: Huaihai Zhong Lu
English address: B1, Found 158, 158 Julu Lu, Ruijin Yi Lu, Huangpu District
Chinese address: 黄浦区巨鹿路158号B1楼, 近瑞金一路