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Based on a household Chinese novel, the summer's must-see revolves around a character named Ne Zha, a rebellious song of an army commander who provoked the Dragon King and it tells the story of his jo

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Gemini Man

Henry Brogan, a retiring assassin, is pursued by a mysterious killer who can predict his every move. After finding out the pursuer is a younger clone of himself, Henry needs to discover the reason he'

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Cinemas around Shanghai 18 Oct - 18 Nov

Terminator: Dark Fate

With James Cameron (Avatar) and Tim Miller (Deadpool) as producer and director and the comeback of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the original Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), Dark Fate continues the story

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Cinemas around Shanghai 01 Nov - 01 Dec


Midway 2019 is based on the story as told by the people who were involved in the Battle of Midway. It is based on the events that happened during World War II, including the attack on Pearl Harbor and

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Cinemas around Shanghai 08 Nov - 08 Dec

Michael Palin in North Korea

Koryo Tours and Channel 5 spent two years arranging the visit of the beloved Monty Python star Michael Palin to visit North Korea for an unprecedented travel documentary

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M Glam , 20 Guangdong Lu 16 Nov
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